The central component of the Coherent Research Energy Management Solution is the Open Data Collection Server.

The server is designed to read data automatically from any type of metering device. It supports a wide variety of data communications systems including PSTN, GSM, IP, GPRS and low power radio. The data is stored in a centralised, secure database and can be kept indefinitely.

The metering data and M&T reports can be viewed by users at any time using a normal internet browser.

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Established in 1989 to develop and market data communications and data collection products, we are specialists in data communications. For the past 10 years we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying data communications equipment for meter manufacturers and utilities. We are familiar with most of the meters to be found in the UK.  In 1990 we signed a £1M development and technology licensing contract with Siemens Measurements Ltd (the UK metering arm of Siemens AG).

Coherent Research has been collaborating extensively with UMIST (now part of the University of Manchester) to develop its first meter data collection system, and the software has been collecting metering data for the University of Manchester since December 2003.

Coherent Research has continued to develop the data collection software, and has also developed a series of dataloggers.


The Company believes that it can help those charged with the responsibility for energy management who do not always have the necessary understanding and skills to organise effective metering and data collection.
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A victory for common sense?
The concept of accurate measurement providing a sound foundation for effective management could not, under any circumstances be described as revolutionary.

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