STEP 1: Provide the means of collecting data from the entire meter estate.

We work with the Energy Manager to review the existing meter estate, and to provide a data communications capability for every meter. This includes all meters, (electricity, gas, water, heat  and steam; tariff meters and secondary meters).

Pulsed output meters (e.g. gas and water) can be connected through code 5 meters or dataloggers that will effectively convert the pulsed output to half-hourly data. Coherent Research will recommend the data communications methods best suited to individual requirements. The communication methods can include telephone line, telephone extension, ethernet connection, radio or GSM. We provide this initial review and recommendation as a free service. We may propose equipment of our own manufacture where applicable, but there is no obligation on the customer to select Coherent products.

STEP 2: Collect the data.
Coherent Research will collect the meter data by automatic connection on a regular basis, and the data will be stored in a secure database system on Coherent Research servers. Access to the data will be provided to the Energy Manager through an Internet connection.

STEP 3: Analyse energy consumption.
The Energy Manager can access current and historical consumption data at any time. Individual meters can be interrogated. Coherent Research provides a comprehensive range of reports and analyses. The Energy Manager can download data for input into a local system, or to meet any specific analysis requirements.

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