Professor David King, the Chief Scientific Adviser to HM Government has rightly identified climate change as the greatest threat to our society; a threat assessment based on sound intelligence. 

One part of the EU’s response to this threat was the EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings.

The legislation will come into force in the UK on 4th January 2006 and will affect all buildings of greater that 500m2 other than dwellings.

Currently these requirements only apply to new buildings and are covered by the Building Regulations 2000, Part L2 Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellings (2002 Edition).

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All data, together with the wide range of reports and analyses produced by the Coherent Research Energy Management Solution, are available by internet access to our powerful servers. The historical data is maintained indefinitely and, in addition to the reports produced by the system, the data can be downloaded directly into Excel or other analysis programs, should an individual Energy Manager have a preferred method of analysis.

Energy consumption reports and analyses can be specified for individual groups of meters, and reports can be specified for automatic distribution to budget-holders or departmental managers.


Of course any and every energy management system on the market is based on the production of a collection of comprehensive reports and analyses of consumption data. The Coherent Research system is no different in the range and content of reports provided, but it does differ in two major respects.

1. The reports produced by the Coherent Research system are delivered by internet browser. We remove the requirement for the Energy Manager to get involved in database management, communications management, software maintenance and all the other tasks associated with desktop systems.  With Coherent Research, the data are always available, always complete and always accurate.  

2. The reports produced by the Coherent Research system include ALL meter data. Desktop systems can only analyse the data available to them, keyed in by hand or delivered by the energy supplier or by in-house data collection systems.  The Coherent Research system collects ALL data from ALL meters, completely, automatically and by the most cost-effective means.

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